2016: A Good Year for The Barrie Memorial Women’s Auxiliary

This year, The Barrie Memorial Women’s Auxiliary’s fundraising efforts broke records.

Publié le 7 février 2017

The Barrie Memorial Hospital.

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Thanks to membership enrolment alone in 2016, The Barrie Memorial Women’s Auxiliary raised $73,467.96—which exceeded 2016’s amount of $67,118.72. In fact, funds raised over the past year broke records for the local WA.

The comfort of patients has always been a priority of the Women’s Auxiliary. Eleanor Finlayson

It is worth noting that the non-profit group still solely supports Ormstown’s Barrie Memorial Hospital, making their fundraising efforts essential to the establishment. Every year, the organization aims to raise anywhere from $200,000 to $250,000, depending solely on the charity of Valley residents and businesses.

“It’s the support of our community that makes it possible for the Auxiliary to provide and improve the medical, surgical and physio equipment donated to the Barrie each year. The comfort of patients has always been a priority of the Women’s Auxiliary,” said membership committee co-chairman Eleanor Finlayson. Each community contributed significant amounts to the organization through the non-profit’s annual membership campaign. The detailed results for 2016 are as follows:

 Huntingdon and surrounding area (362 members) contributed $9,310.25; Ormstown (644 members) contributed $13,827.50; Howick, Aubrey and Riverfield (301 members) contributed $9,367.20; St. Chrysostome (427 members) contributed $8,125; Franklin (270 members) contributed $8,599.50; Dundee (123 members) contributed $3,816.06; Hemmingford (320 members) contributed $11,342.15; Dewittville (102 members) contributed $4,965; Covey Hill and Havelock (30 members) contributed $1,900; Lac de Pins contributed (no present members) $1,500, while a table at the November Bazaar effort raised a total of $715. It is important to note that membership fees are only three dollars, meaning that donations far exceeded the cost of membership due to the generosity of the community. These funds do not include the monies raised outside of membership efforts. These additional funds are the result of year-round fund-raising activities such as the WA’s July 1st BBQ, Pie Day in October and the November Bazaar.

Currently headed up by president Louise Labelle Rollin, the Women’s Auxiliary is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing equipment and services to benefit both the staff and patients of the Barrie Memorial. Established in 1946, the Women’s Auxiliary currently houses a small number of executive members, with approximately 2,648 contributing members (those that pay per year to contribute).

Always looking for volunteers, the Women’s Auxiliary will be holding their general meeting in April 2017.