Caution regarding sexting and internet intimidation

Short videos intended for parents

Publié le 11 avril 2017

Creative and humorous video clips were produced to encourage a dialogue between parents and their children about sexting and intimidation on social media.

©youtube Maison des Jeunes de Huntingdon

The issues surrounding sexting and intimidation using cell phones and the internet among young people is addressed in two short videos created by a videographer from Hinchinbrooke.

La Table de concertation Jeunesse du Haut-Saint-Laurent, the Youth Table for Haut-Saint-Laurent, launched two short, preventive videos aimed at parents, on Tuesday in the Alfred-Langevin Cultural Hall at the "Château" in Huntingdon.

Members of the Table de concertation Jeunesse du Haut-Saint-Laurent (Youth Table) contributed to this initiative which is aimed at parents.
TC Média - Denis Bourbonnais

"The aim of the video-clips is to encourage parents to talk to their children openly and without judgement about violence on social media networks," explained Nathalie Collin, Director of the Maison des jeunes in Huntingdon. "The creative and humorous videos deal, in particular, with the subject of dating violence. These days, it can be difficult for parents to keep up with the rapid changes in technology," she continued.

The videos, entitled, "Aime-toi plus que lui!/Choose yourself" and "Derrière l'écran/Behind the screen" were made in French and English by Lianne Finnie. They are already available on Facebook and YouTube at the following links: (sexting) and FRk (intimidation).

Parents of teenagers will be connected through community organizations in the Haut-Saint-Laurent and high schools in the territory. "Youth organizations are concerned about these two issues and would like to provide parents with relevant resources," insisted Nathalie Leduc, Coordinator for prevention activities with Espace Suroît.

Annie Lavoie and Randy Johnston, representatives from Student Services at Arthur-Pigeon and Châteauguay Valley Regional (CVR) high schools, talked about establishing an action plan to support students in situations of intimidation or threatening sexting. The Sûreté du Québec and DPJ (Youth Protection) are involved in the process.

Awareness among parents is also very important, especially now that prevention needs to begin in elementary school. "The video clips were created to encourage parents to monitor what their children are doing when they are alone in front of their screens. Sexting and intimidation on social media is something we need to be talking about," concluded Nathalie Collin.