Solidarity in the agricultural community for developing the territory


Publié le 18 avril 2017

Members of the PDZA Committee launched a Development Plan in the presence of various partners.

©TC Média Mario Pitre

In a region that includes some 600 agricultural businesses and a territory that is 93% agricultural, the Haut-Saint-Laurent MRC has held consultations that have produced a Development Plan for its agricultural zone.

This Plan, which was officially adopted on March 22, was presented to some thirty elected officials and participants at a meeting on Wednesday at the Salle Alfred-Langevin in Huntingdon.

It brings together 36 projects and actions that will be carried out over the next five years. They are based on three areas of development aimed at promoting and highlighting agriculture, dynamic occupation of the territory and developing agricultural businesses.

"It is essential to have this kind of Plan in order to protect our wealth and increase our development to its full potential," emphasized Prefect, Louise Lebrun. "It will require several months of work but it is important to work in the same direction to optimize our agricultural potential."

PDZA Project Agent, Alexandre Racicot, presented the process that led to creating the Plan.
TC Média Mario Pitre

Project Manager, Alexandre Racicot, explained that the PDZA du Haut-Saint-Laurent was assembled after four public consultations, a survey by mail and a major forum attended by some 50 participants.

PDZA committee member, Josiane Carrière also pointed out the significance of the agricultural sector in the local economy. "Agriculture is everyone's business; it starts with the producer but it includes everyone else connected to it," she stated.


Some of the actions proposed in the Plan:

-Document and publicize the economic contribution of agriculture

-Establish a connection between schools and farms

-Implement a plan for bilingual communication

-Establish a community kitchen

-A feasibility study for promoting processing plants  

-Organize events and exchanges between farmers and cycling clubs

Translated by Cathleen Johnston