Nothing for the most vulnerable, denounces Anne Quach

Morneau Budget

Publié le 27 mars 2017

Anne Minh-Thu Quach, MP for Salaberry-Suroît.

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In reaction to the Trudeau government budget presented Wednesday, Anne Quach, New Democratic MP for Salaberry-Suroît estimated that citizens in the region "received very little to help them keep their heads above water, while the privileged and friends of power were well rewarded."

The MP pointed out that one part of Justin Trudeau's promise to abolish a tax credit  related to wealthy CEOs was not respected while the federal budget gave them a present of $725 M per year. At the same time, there was no measure scheduled in the budget to fight against precarious jobs and no proposed strategy to address the issue of food banks.

"Just before the budget was tabled, I asked Minister Jean-Yves Duclos if he was finally going to help the Service alimentaire communautaire and the food banks. He told me to wait for the budget. But no mention was made in the 322 pages of the budget ," stated Anne Quach bitterly.

Quach conceded that the Liberals do intend to invest in affordable housing, something the NDP has advocated for years. Unfortunately, when the details are analysed, 90% of the investments are planned for 2019, after the next election campaign.

"Once again, nice promises but no immediate action when the need for affordable housing is very pressing in the riding as it is in the rest of Canada," deplored the MP.

As for the youth file, Quach welcomed the renewal of the Youth Employment Strategy and new funding for professional training. However, the Liberal government is not making the effort to provide the means to create quality, full time employment.

"Ten days after closing Katimavik, the government still has not announced funding to save the organization which has allowed thousands of youth to experience cultural exchanges across the country,"  said Anne Quach indignantly.

The NDP welcomed the opportunity family caregivers may have to access 15 weeks of employment insurance benefits to care for a family member. (M.P.-C.J.)