François Chartrand runs on innovation

Publié le 23 mai 2017

To date, François Chartrand has designed over 1 300 bicycle prototypes into some fifteen models.

©(Photo TC Média - M.P.)

Well-known for 25 years for his various prototypes of adapted bicycles, François Chartrand is innovating again with an initial model for a tricycle that has an industrial, electric motor.

The inventor, whose workshop is located in Godmanchester, explained that the base model for this two seated tricycle baptized Faucon is intended for disabled or visually impaired individuals. He has also added an electric-assisted component.

"The advantage is that the rider can choose to pedal or select the speed with electric feed. This is my first tricycle equipped with an industrial motor and fan that develops a peak power of nearly1000 watts," he stated.

This 28th model had to be delivered last week to a long term care facility in Maria, Gaspésie. It is also equipped with puncture resistant tires and a platform for installing a seeing eye dog.

A recognized expert

Since starting out in 1992, François Chartrand has built a solid reputation for adapted bicycles, often not available on the market; registered under his business name, Innovation F. Chartrand.

He has created over 1 300 designs to date into some fifteen models, including ones for disabled, visually impaired or smaller bodied individuals. One of the models for visually impaired individuals was selected to be part of a project for the Institut Nazareth & Louis-Braille.

Chartrand has also designed two strollers (with five and six seats), recognized for meeting Heath Canada's standards and intended for use in day cares and Early Childhood Centres (CPE).

All these bicycles are mostly built with steel and aluminum frames.

Chartrand has also invented a measuring apparatus called Chartrand Ruler, Marker and Trajectory Indicator for reconstructing accident and crime scenes.

(Translated by - Cathleen Johnston)