Team Quebec U16 rugby wins the Bowl in Toronto

Canadian Championships

Eric Tremblay
Publié le 26 août 2016

Male players in the U16 and U18 teams who represented Quebec at the Canadian Rugby Championships.

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Six rugby players from the area assisted Team Québec U16 to take the Bowl during the Canadian Rugby Championships in Toronto.

Greg Recher, Gabriel Vaillancourt, Liam Duncan, Jérémy L'Heureux, Darcy O'Reilly and Tristan Villiers assisted the Fleur de lysé to beat Ontario 2 5-0 in the final. It was a win that allowed Team Quebec to take fifth place in Canada behind British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario and Newfoundland. It was also the best result for Canada at this Championship.

Recher and Villiers, who came sixth and ninth in the class of best scorers in the championship, greatly assisted the cause of Quebec.


Marco Caza and Liam Priest were part of the U18 team from Quebec. After a draw with Atlantic, the Quebec team suffered three consecutive defeats. Thomas Burton, originally from Ormstown but who plays with Alberta, ranked fourth among the best scorers.

The U18 women's team had no wins and ended up ranking last. Christina and Sabrina Buermans, Gabrielle Catto as well as Emma Krobath, all from the region, wore the uniform.

The Ormstown Saracens congratulates all these players who worked hard to be part of the various provincial teams.


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Translated by Cathleen Johnston