Welcome 2017!

And here’s to another year.

Stephanie McBride info@stephmcbride.com
Publié le 28 décembre 2016

Grateful for the little things.

©Stephanie McBride

It’s been a crazy year. Regardless of what kind of year you’ve had, with the month of January comes the possibility of a fresh start—a clean slate.

In 2016, it seemed as if the world was on the brink of something—whether it was teetering on the edge of ruin or ascending to a greater plain was difficult to determine given the events of the past year. From senseless terrorist attacks, to a ravaging civil war to ignorance about climate change (Dare I even go into the state of the American presidency? I think not.), the world seemed in a frenzy. But then again, the Cubs finally won the World Series, so there’s some truth in thinking that anything is possible.

As a mother, it is easy to sit back and wring my hands in despair at the world that we are leaving to our children—but it is much harder to be proactive in the fight against the hate and indifference that seems to loom over us as we forge forward. It is not a trick question—which brings us to my only resolution as we move into 2017. Be positive. Teach positive. And maybe, just maybe, inspire someone else to be positive, too. Wish me luck.

Happy New Year to all. Here’s to the greatest in 2017.