Here Comes the Snow

Reasons why I should probably start checking the weather report.

Stephanie McBride
Publié le 22 novembre 2016

This past Sunday, we were graced with a notable dump of snow.

©TC Média Mario Pitre

Every year, I forget about winter. Snow is the last thing on my mind as I saunter through the three more temperate seasons.

I also never check the weather—I think that it might be my way of holding on to a sort of spontaneity (as well as a grain of optimism, if we’re being truthful). I make plans regardless of the weather, which gets tricky when winter gets involved. The truth is that I don’t mind the snow—it’s cold, yes, but we have coats and all that other wonderful stuff to keep us warm. It’s a decent tradeoff, as we don’t have to (generally) consider things like hurricanes, tsunamis and tropical death bugs. A wee bit of ice and a general trepidation of the odd power outage, yes, but most of the time, we’re okay over here in our northern hub.

This past Sunday, we were graced with a notable dump of snow. I managed to move a few bikes inside, but totally forgot about the lawnmower, which is still parked in the middle of the yard. I also didn’t think that it was necessary to jump the gun on my snow tires, which are studded (they seem a bit obscene without the snow). So here I am on Monday morning, completely snowed in, because I live in the woods—my driveway is basically a scene from Into the Wild. I do have a snowplow, but I didn’t get around to putting chains on the tractor, either, so I had to give one of our more prepared neighbours a call (thank you) to figure out the lane. So much for my spontaneity—it looks like my free spirit is going to amount to a solid morning outdoors trying to roll up the water hose—if I can unearth it.