30 month prison sentence for cannabis exporter

Publié le 24 janvier 2017

Cannabis exporter, Mario Di Giorgio, has just been sentenced to 30 months in prison.

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Mario Di Giorgio, who was arrested in 2010 as part of Project Hachoir, has just been sentenced to 30 months in prison in connection with charges of conspiracy to export cannabis and exporting cannabis.

In courtroom 2 at the Valleyfield Courthouse,  Mario Di Giorgio pleaded guilty to the charges that were laid against him going back six years. According to his lawyer, Me Carole Beaucage, the accused regrets his actions. "This is a man living with a great deal of remorse. Since these events occurred, his circle of friends has changed and his personal values have changed," his lawyer stated to Judge Marc Bisson before sentencing.

Apart from the 30 month sentence, the court has barred Mario Di Giorgio from having in his possession any fire arms, crossbows, prohibited weapons, restricted weapons, prohibited devices, ammunition, prohibited ammunition and explosive material for the next 10 years.

Project Hachoir began in September 2010. It focused on 43 year old Gary Arnold's criminal organization in Godmanchester which Mario Di Giorgio was part of. The organization smuggled large quantities of contraband tobacco into Canada which was then delivered to distributors. Its members were also involved in exporting cannabis to the United States (over 1500 pounds of cannabis were driven into the United States), transporting money between Canada and the United States and recycling assets gained through criminal activity.

Translated by Cathleen Johnston