1st Annual World’s Smallest Festival Plays to a Crowd

Huntingdon Filmmaker Alain Boisvert organizes a successful short film festival.

Publié le 24 janvier 2017

A full house for World’s Smallest Festival.

©Robert Vroom

On Saturday evening, January 21, a full house gathered to watch the first edition of the World’s Smallest Festival at Huntingdon’s Little Green Library.

There are certain things you can do or say in animation that you aren’t able to say in film. Alain Boisvert

The night was part of the Ciné Cinema series, which gives Haut Saint-Laurent residents the opportunity to see a diverse selection of films without hoofing it to a city center. The event was made up of twenty-three 2-D, 3-D, and stop-animation films of one-to-eight minutes in length, hailing from eleven counties worldwide.

The films featured political, dramatic and comedic subject matter and drew both laughs and gasps from the crowd. Twenty-three captivating stories, many of which tackled challenging and timely global themes, entertained filmgoers. Huntingdon filmmaker Alain Boisvert organized the evening with the intent to introduce people to animation and its possibilities for expression. “There are certain things you can do or say in animation that you aren’t able to say in film,” he says. Alain’s own 2-D film La Boite/ The Box, screened as part of the night’s program, tackled the subject of the prevailing use of human torture in an original, approachable way.

The festival was first advertised last September on a website called FilmFreeway.com and received over a thousand submissions. With the help of his library co-organizers, Alain eventually whittled them down to the final selection of twenty-three. “It was pretty time consuming!” he smiles and explains that he makes animation for the love of it, and that organizing a festival like this gives him the chance to see what others are up to in filmmaking. His personal artistic philosophy, he explains, is to not waste time talking about projects, when you can just go ahead and do them.

His ‘can-do’ attitude certainly keeps him busy. As well as making animated and documentary films, he has a long history in puppetry and theatre arts, and is currently completing a project on the heritage of the Haut-Saint-Laurent region for the MRC. He also finds time to work on animation and theatre projects for underprivileged elementary schools in the Montreal area.

The World’s Smallest Festival’s big success should bode well for another round of competition next year. For all other information on the Little Green Library’s Ciné Cinema upcoming programming see: http://www.pbv-lgl.org/index.php/en/new-books