Melissa’s Sunshine Camp to Host its Third Annual Fundraiser Rally

Publié le 29 septembre 2017

The fundraising endeavor will take locals on a tour of the town on foot, bike or rollerblade.

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In the autumn of 2015, local non-profit Melissa’s Sunshine Camp (MSC) hosted its first ever rally, encouraging locals to team up and explore the village of Huntingdon. The fundraiser was such a success that it will soon host its third annual rally on the morning of Saturday, September 30th, kicking off at 24 York Street.

The fundraising endeavor will take locals on a tour of the town on foot, bike or rollerblade (and yes, cars are okay too!) on a scavenger hunt of sorts until lunchtime. The rally is free and open to all, encouraging participants to make up teams of two to five people and complete the challenges at various pit stops around Huntingdon. Last year’s rally saw close to 50 people scouring the town in support of Melissa’s Sunshine Camp, an organization that works closely with the intellectually disabled.

According to MSC’s organizer and special educator Sonia Viau, “The activity allows you to have fun while discovering the town of Huntingdon in a whole new way—it also encourages people to work as a team while educating them about the importance of our organization.” In operation since 1993, Melissa’s Sunshine Camp now runs a Daily Activity Service for clients aged 21 years and older while offering family support and recreational activities throughout the year to families across the Chateauguay Valley. Such activities have been known to include bowling, weekend and summer camps, movie days, seasonal parties, and field trips. (Most recently, the members of MSC were able to participate in an overnight outing to Granby Zoo).

Founded by Mary Shewchuk, Sue Irving, Lorrayne O’Connell and Nancy Gunion, the organization is named after Shewchuk’s daughter, Melissa. Originally operated from their family farm in Hinchinbrooke before moving to its current location at 24 York Street (Huntingdon Adult Education Community Centre (HAECC)), the organization has aimed to provide services to those in need for over two decades.

The rally will take place on Saturday, September 30th at 9:00 A.M. For more information about this event and other programming, please call 450-264-6340 or visit the organization’s Facebook page, Melissa's Sunshine Camp Soleil de Melissa.

Please note that teams must have been registered before September 25th.

For those interested, other upcoming fundraising activities include:

-Daily activity services for adults 21 and over from Monday to Friday (9:00 A.M. to 3:00 P.M. in Huntingdon)

-Bowling at Quillorama at 3:15 (Cost is $7.).

-A can and bottle drive every Wednesday between 8:00-9:00 A.M. (Delivery may be made to the HAECC.).

-The raffling of a quilt made by the Quiltavators which will be drawn on the first of December. (Cost: One ticket is $2, while three tickets is $5).