New daycare opens in Franklin/Saint-Antoine-Abbé

Leahy Orchards

Publié le 4 octobre 2017

The new Haut Comme Trois Pommes early childcare centre in Franklin/Saint-Antoine-Abbé is officially open. The initiative by Leahy Orchards to better accommodate their employees’ needs is also open to families of suppliers and the general public in the region as well.

©Sarah Rennie

On Saturday, Leahy Orchards officially unveiled their new daycare in Saint-Antoine-Abbé, inviting the public to visit the Haut Comme Trois Pommes centre now located in the old Caisse Desjardins building on Route 209.

A staple at larger companies, the idea of offering a daycare service to Leahy Orchards employees was something Guylaine Yelle, the Vice-President – Management and Finance, approached Lea Leahy about while she was on maternity leave. The process officially began in May of 2016, with the acquisition of the building and application for all the necessary permits. "It took quite a while to get everything in line," says Lea Leahy, who is now the Coordinator for the daycare, who suggests everything is up and running smoothly now.

The Haut-Comme Trois Pommes centre is located in the old Caisse Desjardins building on Route 209 in Saint-Antoine-Abbé.
Sarah Rennie

The idea to open a daycare with reserved spots for employees was in response to a demand from workers who found finding childcare services that fit with shift work to be difficult. Some employees were even forced to arrive late to work due to childcare centres that were simply not open early enough to accommodate their needs. "As soon as there is a need we will be able to open earlier," says Leahy, who suggests the same flexibility can be offered to parents looking to pick up their children later in the day as well.

Open for applications

With seven educators, the Haut Comme Trois Pommes centre is now open with the possibility of accepting up to 44 children. There are spots that will be reserved for Leahy Orchard employees and the families of the many local orchards that work to supply the company. The fully bilingual daycare is also accepting applications now for families in the general public looking for professional and reliable childcare services. Children of all ages are welcome, and there are even plans to offer an after school program to better meet the needs of parents.

For more information on the new childcare centre, contact: 450-827-2544 ext. 400, or email: