Is My Child’s Speech Development Normal?

Find out at a free information session with a speech therapist.

Publié le 16 mai 2017

The information session will discuss what is normal language development.

©Denis Germain - photographie sur le vif

Because gaining access to childhood speech therapy in the Montérégie region can take time, especially within the Anglophone community, parents of children 0-5 may want to take note of a free information session happening on the South Shore.

On May 25th, the CLC in conjunction with Conparle Famille will host Speech Therapist Mariana Vial to discuss early childhood language development from 7pm to 9pm.

“The waiting lists for speech therapy can be extremely long,” Annie Beauregard, Community Development for the CLC Saint Lambert explains. “That’s why it’s important for parents to be aware of what could be worrisome and what is normal. If we wait until school age for detection, we’ve missed an important window to stimulate language and it becomes a school issue.”

The information session will discuss what is normal language development, what the troubleshooting signs to look out for are, and when parents should worry. Parents will receive information on whether a language delay will resolve itself and how to stimulate language on a daily basis.

ARC, advocates for Anglophone Health and Social Services, is promoting the event in an effort to raise awareness. In a study conducted for the Montérégie by the Community Health and Social Services Network, statistics indicate a higher proportion of Anglophone children aged 0-5 in Montérégie than in the rest of Quebec, and a significant proportion of children in sole parent families and below the low-income cut off, emphasizing the need for services.   

The free, informational session will take place May 25th from 7pm- 9pm at the Community Learning Center at 81 Green Street. Door E. St-Lambert. A drop-in childcare service will be provided by reservation. For more information call: 450-550-8002 or email: