NFSB project comes to a close with final key ceremony

Habitat for Humanity

Publié le 4 octobre 2017

Surrounded by Mr. Chrystian Soucy, the Mayor of Ormstown, Mr. Jean Bouchard, the new Centre Director at CVCEC, Ms. Madeleine Martins, the CEO of Habitat for Humanity Quebec, and Mr. Jean-Maurice Forget, the President of the Board of Directors for Habitat for Humanity Quebec, Kevin, Kim and their five children accepted the keys to their new home during the final Habitat for Humanity Key Ceremony in Ormstown on September 27.

©Sarah Rennie

The New Frontiers School Board’s Our House project, in collaboration with Habitat for Humanity Quebec, came to an end on September 27, with a final Key Ceremony that saw Kevin, Kim and their five children excitedly unlock the door to their brand new home in Ormstown.

Amid a crowd of representatives from Habitat for Humanity, the NFSB, the Chateauguay Valley Career Education Centre, the municipality and community at large, Ms. Madeleine Martins, the Chief Executive Officer for Habitat for Humanity Quebec, announced while closing the project with the "excellent team from the NFSB," that this was the first time they have delivered a house complete with landscaping. "Congratulations to this community," she continued, while joking about the possibilities lying in the vacant lot next door to the two new houses built in partnership between the NFSB, the municipality of Ormstown and Habitat for Humanity. 

The Our House Project, which started in 2013, involved over 100 students from three school boards, countless volunteers, and an endless supply of community support. "It is wonderful to be here at the end of what has been a seven year journey," said CVCEC teacher John Hodges. And, he added, while looking directly at the new family, "I think this is what makes it all worthwhile."

In matching handmade t-shirts that read "Thanks to you we have a house of our own and a place to call home," the family graciously accepted their new keys while thanking everyone involved in the long-term project that ultimately culminated in a dream come true for two well-deserving families. On the back of each t-shirt sported by the family was an image of a tree, symbolizing the roots they would all now be setting in Ormstown.