His car was the subject of a recall…

Mario Pitre mario.pitre@tc.tc
Publié le 5 janvier 2016

The daytime running light module literally melted from the heat.

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A driver from Huntingdon, Nick Landry-Crête, learned at his own expense the importance of having your car checked when it is the subject of a recall by the manufacturer. Returning home from the corner store on Monday, December 28, the front of his car literally burst into flame.

The dealer told me that everything in the car was in order and I shouldn't have any problems. Nick Landry-Crête

In a Facebook message, the young man explains that his car, a Chevrolet Optra, which he bought from a used car dealer in September, had been the subject of a recall launched some time ago. The car dealer, however, had not mentioned this to him.

"The dealer told me that everything in the car was in order and I shouldn't have any problems, unfortunately this wasn't the case."

The recall in question, issued in May 2014 by Transport Canada, concerns Optra brand cars from 2004 to 2007. It states that: "On certain vehicles, heat generated within the headlamp switch and/or daytime running light (DRL) module could melt the headlamp switch or DRL module and cause a fire, which may result in injury and/or property damage."

The photographs he sent us are a good illustration of the damage caused to the vehicle "As luck would have it, my young family was not in the car. I hate to think what would have happened if my children had been with me," wrote the father of two young children.

It was only at the beginning of December that Landry-Crête found out, by chance, about this recall while searching the internet for car parts. Although he took steps to have his car checked at a dealership, the dealership was slow about making an appointment with him.

"Often, when there are recalls with automobile manufacturers, people think that it's no big deal, but I have learned that you shouldn't wait to get your car checked because look what happened to me," concluded Nick Landry-Crête.

Chevrolet Optra brand cars are the subject of five recalls in total, involving various models built between 2004 and 2007.

Translated by Cathleen Johnston